Friday, December 11, 2009

Guess What

It's a post! I didn't die! I'm still alive and kicking and here. Just haven't been HERE, per se.

Tons happened since the last actual post. Mom, I'm sorry about that last one there, I don't have a right to "publicly" blogflog you (I made that up. I'm going to copyright it!) when I own half of this relationship. I love you and I am sorry.

So.... I turned the big 3-0 yesterday. and I am still alive today, so that's good. I wasn't actually that worried about it. I don't mind getting older, just make the jokes because it's what one is supposed to do somehow. Couple that expectation with the fact that I am hi-larious (and oh so modest!) and there you have me, making jokes about aging when I don't actually mind at all.

It is kind of strange, though, to be in my 14th senior year of college (or something), turning 30, and surrounded by my friends who are all turning 21 this semester.

Not ALL of them, but a good portion anyway.

Another friend of mine turned 20 on November 30th. I had a great deal of aging pain when I realized for TEN WHOLE DAYS ONLY we were in our 20s together.

Now, still talking about getting older.... I have 5 classes this semester. One of them is Human Development: Adults and Aging. My birthday was on the last day of lecture for the class. In an ultimate act of irony (and sorry if this spoils the ending for you) my birthday lecture day was over the very end: DEATH. It was a great way to turn 30.