Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Hey, we can hide the bodies on the ride home...

Title lyrics from Blue October.  It's what I have running through my head today.

It's 6 am and I have been awake since 1:30.  Sadly, this is my norm anymore.  and I am freaking exhausted. 

Sometime after I stopped trying to sleep, I went to  I ended up reading this story about how the government and police agencies can track you anywhere anytime if you are carrying a cell phone that is turned on.  And not just in real-time, the phone companies are holding records of where you have been- sometimes for years!

Fear not, this is not a new consipiracy blog.... I will come back to that, join me now on an adventure in my work life:

Some things that happen at work, I cannot talk about with people due to privacy issues.  But some things I can.  In very vague terms, they are falling the fuck apart. 

 It's making work a whole lot of stressful.  So are the families that are holding together with bandaids. 

And remember, I can't sleep.  Ever.

So I am driving home from work last night, thinking things over and this song comes on the cd player.  "Hey, we can hide the bodies on the ride home..." 


hmmmmm... I could solve some problems.


I quickly sketched out my strategy (Please tell me I am not the  only one that does this) of how not to get caught.  You know how you do it, it's a thought process that takes half a second to complete.  Before you start, you're done.  But it involves driving down roads unknown to me at this time that I have never gone down before so I could hide the bodies on the ride home and not have it tracked back to me because I frequent that area. 

So, I could hide the bodies on the ride home.  BUT CNN WILL CATCH ME!!!