Sunday, April 11, 2010

Want to laugh?

We taught the kids to play Charades.  It was funny.  I wrote out cards like "washing your hair" and "Cinderella".  Alex got the card that said "ballerina" and decided to dance an arm-flailing head-shaking dance.  Amazingly, no one could guess what he was.  When I suggested he could end the charade by doing some of the "right" dance moves, he put his hands above his head and spun in circles.  Right away the girls knew he was a ballerina. 
Ashley got "Cinderella".  After 5 full minutes of prop planning and putting on her "fancy" shoes, she walked from the kitchen to the living room, kicked one of her shoes off, and kept going.  She was utterly successful which was made even more perfect by the fact that our friend, Rob, had already drawn that card and didn't know how to do it.  Way to show up the grown ups, Squeak!
Annie was fantastic in the entire game.  She remembered the rules of no talking, she acted with ease and flair, and she guessed right off the bat and with gusto.  We may be finding ourselves with an actress on our hands.  Keep your eyes peeled for Annie starring on the silver screen.