Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The preschool bus

Ashley's preschool comes around with a bus to pick up all the kids for school. There's this neighbor boy of ours who is in his first year of preschool at what he only knows as "Ashley's school" since he saw her there when he toured with his mom last year. She has been sitting by him on the bus every day to and from school so he would feel comfortable. He told his mom it's the way he knows he is getting on and off at the right places; Ashley gets on and off too. He said he knows he's on the right bus because Ashley is on it too. He knows the bus driver will take him to the right house because Ashley will make it happen, somehow.
Today Ashley got on the bus and sat down in the first seat. Next to someone who was already there. Alex, the neighbor boy, had to sit somewhere else. He chose the seat right behind Ashley. Hopefully he still knows where to go!
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Monday, September 14, 2009


I know I posted that same blog twice, more or less. But I got a blackberry and forgot that I could (and did) post things from it to the blog. So you got the update twice on some people and once on others. But how else would I have remembered to tell you how freaking great the kids are on their first days of school?

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

a super quick update

Things have been crazy in every one's neck of the woods. Life is great down here in Swine Flu-Ville. There's rumored to be about 2500 kids who have had or do have it but it has not yet touched this house. yay!!

The kids are back in school, Alex got his first male teacher, Mr. Church, who is fantastic. They put him in the 5th grade math class since he was the top scoring student in his grade last year in the math section of the WASL but it's proving to be a harder challenge than it should be so we're emailing Mr. Church to get him moved back to 4th grade math. I just can't see how he is supposed to spend 4 hours a night on homework for just math and keep his love of math alive. He's missing part of the foundation that he should have learned in 4th grade math so this should help a lot.

Annie got Mrs. Koerner for 1st grade. This was her teacher for K, too. She had a baby this summer and will officially join her class in the end of October. For now she has Mr. Mcaffrey (or something like that) who she is loving also. Mrs. Koerner was great for Annie's personality so I'm not sad to see her have her again this year at all. Annie is all kinds of smart, too, and is doing great!

Ashley just started preschool again yesterday and is in a class with Miss Molly and Miss Stephanie has her teachers. She has a couple of kids from her class last year and a whole lot of kids she knows from our apartment complex. The downside is there are 15 boys and only 5 girls. Miss Molly had a similar class last year and said it can get crazy really fast. But I think it will be fantastic for her. She continues to struggle with transition times by throwing fits are bedtime. We have learned a fairly effective way to deal with them, though, and until she figures out how to outsmart us with the current tactic, it seems to be working and curbing the duration.

School for me is going fast and crazy but really good. I should graduate in May and then have 2 summer courses to officially finish my course load. Or something. Maybe I'll just graduate in August and not deal with the funky graduation stuff by walking early.

Aiden's doing his stay at home dad thing again this year and seems to be enjoying it. Today is only the second day of Ashley being gone and him being alone for the morning so we'll see how he holds out.

That's life for now. Gotta run to class again so hope everything is great for you guys.