Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Hair growing WHERE?!

Annie is 8 and convinced she is in the throws of puberty. This all started when we were driving to their dad's house. Out of nowhere Annie puts her book down and sagely announced "I am starting puberty. For reals. There's hair in my armpit!"
She was undeterred when I told her that everyone has armpit hair. "No Mom, this is CuRLy!"   Oh yes, I was finally sufficiently impressed and let out of the conversation.
Tonight Alex said Annie has hair on her lip. "Oh my gosh, you're growing a *moustache*!" he announced.
Thus the hair conversation starts again and I am once again scouring her skin under her arm searching for any signs of puberty.

Of course, if she's really like me, she'll abhor puberty once it actually arrives. But for now, we are content to wear training bras and search vigilantly for hair in the armpits of an 8 year-old.