Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The preschool bus

Ashley's preschool comes around with a bus to pick up all the kids for school. There's this neighbor boy of ours who is in his first year of preschool at what he only knows as "Ashley's school" since he saw her there when he toured with his mom last year. She has been sitting by him on the bus every day to and from school so he would feel comfortable. He told his mom it's the way he knows he is getting on and off at the right places; Ashley gets on and off too. He said he knows he's on the right bus because Ashley is on it too. He knows the bus driver will take him to the right house because Ashley will make it happen, somehow.
Today Ashley got on the bus and sat down in the first seat. Next to someone who was already there. Alex, the neighbor boy, had to sit somewhere else. He chose the seat right behind Ashley. Hopefully he still knows where to go!
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