Monday, July 14, 2008

One fun kid

Val inspired me after being inspired by Kendra... I have a longer list that I have to sit down and think about but the funniest thing I heard today is from Ashley. She was riding her bike around the parking lot loop and got to the corner by a dumpster. All the kids have been crashing against the curb there so we've told them to take that corner wide (amazingly they all understood that right off the bat). She rode behind it and never reappeared. Aiden went to check on her and she informed him "that dumpster (*big pointing at it)... it bumped into me!"

Who knew dumpsters could be so malicious!?


  1. how do you do labels? i can't figure it out.

    Totally cute!

  2. When you blog there's a box at the bottom of the page that says labels. just type in whatever you want in there.

  3. i knew it had to be something brainless! because I'M brainless...

  4. I love that girl!! I could just eat her up!


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