Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Driving tips

Seattle has been working on getting traffic accidents down over the last while (not sure how long, honestly). They have some awesome signage put up around town :
Aiden and I took a picture of one of these, I just haven't uploaded it yet, down by the docks/aquarium area. Where there's a TON of people. So great, right? But the streets are a nightmare and hard enough to avoid pedestrians without comics on the side of the street!
There's a website to go along with the safe-ness. They are kind of "duh" pointers, right? But I like the second to last one which instructs you to not let passengers interfere with "our driving". I'm pretty sure it's a typo and should be "your" driving but it's funnier this way.
Okay, officers, I'll not let my passengers interfere with your driving. As we all know, the cops are the ones breaking more driving laws per capita anyway. It's perfect!

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  1. LOVE IT!!! LOL And hey! A photo on your blog...neat!

    how's that crazy new schedule going?


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