Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I got older

I wrote this blog yesterday and then Aiden stayed up decorating the house and cleaning and wrote a blog which stole some of this (which is probably plagerism) but too bad. I had a time writing this so you'll have to suffer through it, some of it twice.

I am turning 29. So for your enjoyment:

  1. I married Aiden on April Fool's Day. This is how serious we take ourselves. I actually skipped a lab to make it happen but it fits us so well, how could we not?
  2. I like teeth.
  3. Not just real teeth but anything whimsical with teeth counts. Example: my dentist's office has little tooth pins for their shirts and the tooths (not teeth but multiple singular) are wearing Santa hats. I want to steal one right off that lady's boob!
  4. I own more lotion than I'll ever use in a lifetime but I keep buying more. although it's slowed some.
  5. I get really excited when I have to write things like "the line trends to the left indicative of a lowering in temperature with an increase in pressure".
  6. Even though I love school I really really want to drop out right now. Stress and I do not mix.
  7. I strive to be funny so people will like me. I think it's all I have going for me. They're not my friend because I'm so darn *cute*!.
  8. I like to sing and (this may be the only time you ever hear(?) me say this) I'm actually not bad at it.
  9. My husband is my best friend.
  10. My mom is my other best friend.
  11. I hate cleaning house but love a clean house. I probably would have married Aiden just for his enjoyment of cleaning even if he wasn't my best friend.
  12. I am addicted to Hallmark cards but only the funny ones. I guarantee you if I ever give you a serious one it's because you or someone extremely close to you died or I was incredibly PMS-y that day and felt like bringing you down.
  13. My kids are the funniest and cutest and bestest in the whole darn world.
  14. When I was learning to play piano, I would feel badly for the numbered notes who didn't get enough turns in that song and find ways to add them in as a flourish to even things up.
  15. 7 and 13 are my favorite numbers. Maybe it's because they have such a stigma and I feel bad for them.
  16. I LOVE board games. Someone should get us a RECENT Trivial Pursuit. Although playing the ancient one at Mom's house is also good. Always the Standing Cow.
  17. I have had my Christmas tree up since a week before Thanksgiving. And Christmas music playing since a week before that.
  18. Aiden and I should have a reality show or something. We are that funny. People would watch.
  19. My sister and I share a birthday but we are two years apart (I'm younger). She got named Valerie and I got Holly. Why she isn't Noelle or Christy or something is strictly that my parents didn't think of it in time. I was their biological version of a do-over, in that regard. In every other regard Valerie is better than me.
  20. I have a book about astrology and birthdays and stuff, I think it's fascinating how accurate it can be. For example: Val, my mom, and I are all Sagittarians. The only other female in our family was a Taurus. She is the odd one out in personality, I think.
  21. I love making up new words to old songs. Like Barry Manilow's "Mandy" becomes "Oh Ashley (or Annie)" and the words get twisted from there.
  22. Every night at dinner we ask each other what the best part of their day was. Or a good part anyway. This way they practice being thankful and/or grateful for things every day AND practice public(ish) speaking. We also ask follow-up questions like "what did you do at recess that made it the best?". it's fun and I highly suggest it.
  23. Whenever my parents would go to dinner parties in December my mom would take “Cool Mint Dessert”. This was by far my favorite dessert and became what we’d all make for “how-to” speeches in school. But there’s not a lot of call for it. So that is what I have asked for in place of a cake this year. Aiden says “It’s not a cake or even a pie! That’s interesting.”
  24. My favorite board game is Monopoly. But we will NEVER play the loser short version. It’s ALWAYS the long, drawn out, painful version and I don’t want it to end. I think half the fun is keeping it going via life support. I will buy the hotels for other player’s properties just so they can stay in the game. Not sure if it’s legal but neither are the other “house rules” we use to make it more fun so Parker Brothers (or whomever) can kiss it.
  25. I hate snow but I get very excited when it starts to snow.
  26. I’m still sure there’s a rockin’ surprise party waiting for me this birthday like the one I used Aiden’s money to throw for his 29th birthday. (seriously, it included a secret trip to Vegas with 3 friends I kept hidden from him until we were on the plane). This is made more impressive by…
  27. I cannot keep secrets. Nor do I like them being kept from me. Aiden had to wait until tonight to take the kids to get my birthday presents because he knows I will go bat-shit crazy trying to figure it out. Even the kids are on to me and my Wiley ways of getting them to tell me. It’s more fun to them to keep the secret than to tell me because they KNOW it’s driving me nuts!
  28. One of my favorite things to do is dig through iTunes with Aiden and sing like idiots (see the beginnings of this whole blog for more details).
  29. the final thing about me is: there’s nothing interesting about me. Just my kids and my husband and my family. But that’s the thing that makes anyone interesting. You cannot be interesting in a sterile room all alone. You have to interact and LIVE to get there.

And I do.

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  1. grammaB4:27 PM

    Well,you gave yourself quite a write-up and the fun thing is YOU ARE TOTALLY AWESOME AND I'm glad Aiden sees it. Happy Birthday Holly, love mom


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