Monday, December 08, 2008

There was something...

I have these little moments all the time where I think "That's totally going in the blog". Granted, it's a bit neglected lately but I still have these thoughts. The problem is that I forget them by the time I get around to logging in and remembering I even had something to blog about instead of just stalking people. Mom warned me this would happen when I was little. It wasn't about blogging, per se, but she did tell me all about how her mom would do things and she would say (to herself, not to grandma) "I'm never going to do that to my kids!" and then forget those things. Probably by the next day (if my memory is genetic from her!) but definitely by the time she had the same situations arise. I'd even wager a bet that she did some of the very things she had previously sworn away from.

I know I have.

I just can't tell you what they were because I forget EVERYTHING. This is funny all by itself because there's a running joke in my family that, besides me having no common sense, I remember everything. My sister who doesn't blog (that I know of) so I can't link to her, swears I remember them (the doctors) declaring "IT'S A GIRL!!" at birth. There was no end to things I couldn't remember. When I was dating Brandon I'd get phone calls from him two days after being at his apartment asking if I knew where his wallet was. And I did. The memory served. Apparently it has caught up with me. It has served all it is going to serve. There's small remnants left which help out every so often but really, my photographic, sound recording, personal video camera, if you will, memory is waning fast. Just in time for me to be in the busiest time of school of my life. Thus far. Wheeee!!!

So here's the update on other things (besides that which I determined to blog about three days ago. I know it was something one of the kids said that was frickin' hilarious, does that help?): Brandon (the ill fated ex) is coming to our house for Christmas.

I'll let you soak that in.

The kids were supposed to be at his house for a week. His girlfriend was going to babysit while he worked a day and a half (not straight but you know what I mean). Then the girlfriend got smart.

She broke up with him.

Clearly she is not going to be babysitting while he works. Soooo he couldn't make up his mind what to do about Christmas. Like any mom who didn't drown her kids in the bathtub I want to spend Christmas with my kids. Trust me, I like my time away from them, too. But not nearly as much as I like my time with them. And NO WHERE NEAR as much as I hate dealing with Ashley's potty issues for the week following two days at his house let alone a week! But I digress (as usual). I asked Brandon to please nail down a set plan by December 10th (happy birthday to me)(and Val). This was an acceptable plan to make a plan for him. I asked him about it on Sunday to ensure the first plan was still in place and working so the second plan could be formulated and budgeted for and, after a lot of discussion (I use that word to replace other nastier happenings) he consented to come to Pullman so the kids could have ALL of their family together for Christmas.


"Holiday Inn is running a special on rooms until school starts again. What? You want to stay here?! That didn't turn out well last time... Can we discuss you staying at your mom's and driving down? TWO NIGHTS!?! Yeah, I want the kids here. Yes, I know you don't have to let me have this. (*even though the kids asked him to do it, it's all about what I am asking for, right?) Okay, I'll break it to Aiden (*oh man, that was fun!). See you on Christmas Eve".


Happy times are sure to surround this Christmas, right?

***UPDATE on the fridge: It was NOT broken, just frozen in the line between the fridge and freezer. CRAP. But if it gives up again... watch out, Krista!


  1. Welcome to my memory. I was going to say something else but I forget what....

  2. Anonymous12:30 AM

    The two of you should get hit in the head with a Volkswagon. Oh, no, it doesn't actually help your memory (in fact it hinders it) but it does give you an amazing excuse for all those things that fall out of your head.


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