Saturday, January 03, 2009


It happened. They ate early so it had to happen. I wanted to make sugar cookies but it turns out there's little pieces of cellophane noodles broken off ALL OVER THE KITCHEN.

And I have no patience for cut out cookies more than once a year. Gingerbread cookies knocked out the need until next year.

Instead, they got ice cream.


Alex had a smudge on the side of his face, we told him to get a wipe and clean it off. Then I looked at Ashley who was then sparked on to get crazier.

She was licking it already, not in the clean way you might have figured out as a child (I did!) but like a cartoon. This is how she ended up:
Speaking of licking, I have a freakishly long tongue. I got to spend part of this afternoon with Ashley holding her hands over my eyes while I tried to lick her (ewww, I know, get over it) forearms and hands. I don't know why, just because. But while this happened we were laughing and having a great time, all the while she tried to wiggle her hands out of my reach. Thus letting me know what it feels like to have your eyelids slowly peeled from your eyeballs and face by a four year old.

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  1. Anonymous10:45 PM

    Ashley is a spaz! She is so weird and yet we laugh, thus encouraging her. Apparently we are fostering a career in comedy for her.


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