Thursday, January 15, 2009

My (Lack Of) Health

So, here's the skinny.

At the hospital they did a stress test. They made the cripple-boy run on the treadmill for 10 minutes at increasing speeds and elevations. They injected some creepy nuclear stuff into my IV (the stuff comes in this weird metal tube) and took pictures of my heart before the 1/2 mile jog and after. Apparently my heart is perfect.

They also took x-rays of my lungs. Again, perfect.

They ran several EKGs. Right on the money.

They took A LOT of my blood and ran various tests. Everything was a-okay.

They ran a urine sample. Peachy.

They ran a stool sample. Dandy.

Apparenlty there is nothing wrong with me. Except the weird muscle twitches, weird pain twinges, heart/not heart pain, diahrrea, dizziness and fatigue. I spent 24 hours in the ICU and learned all the things that aren't wrong with me!

The latest theories are:
-I had gastroenteritis. As far as I know, that's basically some bacteria wreaking havoc on your tummy. Like, food poisening. Only, I never had naseau or a fever or any other symptoms of gastroenteritis.

-Something (??) is putting pressure on my heart.

-I'm crazy! That's my own theory, not supported by any medical evidence or an actual doctor's opinion. It's just how I feel right now!

So, back to square one. I will probably not be seeing the same doctor I was prior to my ER visit. I'm hoping to have better luck at a different clinic. Does anyone know the number for Dr. House?

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  1. ARGH!!!!!!!

    That's how I feel about this. Since we're HOUSE addicts, of late, I keep thinking it's lupus or MS or fibromialgia (?).

    I already knew you were crazy but I don't think that's the problem here.


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