Friday, January 23, 2009

When are we allowed to be excited?!

I have 16 credits this semester. They take the form of 6 different classes. One of those classes is Teaching and Learning 300 which is only 1 credit and takes place once a week for an hour and a half. I think the official title of the class is "Introduction to Teaching" but what they probably meant is "In Which We Try to Scare The Teaching Out Of You".

The requirements for being certified in the Teaching and Learning program are what we talked about yesterday. They don't present this in a fostering way. They teach it like they are things you learn as you fall down a deep, dark hole to land in HELL. Not even Wonderland comes in at the bottom of the hole. Which would be incredibly fitting, I think.

Basically they tell you how the first year of teaching is just physical training on how to be happy and the best you all the time. How you'll put in more volunteer hours than you can count once you become a teacher. How the 5 days of observation you have to do for this class have to be consecutive days because otherwise it's not as painful (oh, and you don't see the resolution from a crappy day to the next day).

The first meeting of this class included the teacher saying "if I don't think you are cut out for teaching by the end of this semester, you might as well not apply". AWESOME

She's actually really nice, and I get they just want us to be realistic about what teaching is. But I know what it's like to be around kids all. the. time. Maybe if you're a parent you should not have to take this class. Or maybe we need it more. Who knows?

But they are not going to break me!

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