Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And because he's so nice

I feel like poop. I feel like white crusted until it sat in the yard all winter and slightly melted into the spring thaw poop.

But I cannot miss class.

My doctor at the urgent care place said not to go for a couple of days minimum. Then he wrote me a note for the entire week.

There is one class I CAN'T miss and others I just shouldn't. So Aiden is going to class for me today. Right now, he's navigating the labyrinth of Todd Hall to find the right room and take notes for me.

How great is that?

And, as a special treat to my speech teacher, I will be in class this afternoon. I will sit front and center and I will cough all my flu-y flu like germs at you with the hopes of infecting you.

Thanks for making the attendance policy so freakin' flexible. It's really your own fault. I mean, I don't want to sit in the back and cough all over EVERYONE so I'll sit up front to minimize the damage.

And I love LOVE love that another guy from that class was in urgent care yesterday, too. He had a cough and "cold". Just because I hate the dumb teacher so much (and not because I don't like him because I don't care about him either way) I hope he has the flu, too.

Maybe we can be coughing buddies and cover each other's lapse in coughing whilst we try to catch our breath and/or suck our inside out lung back into our chest cavity.


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