Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice

My girls must have been mixed with a dash of leftover Alex while in the womb. A snail or snake in this one, a leftover snip of puppy dog tail in that one. Otherwise, yesterday would not have been like this: (this is only a snippet, no pun intended, the whole day was similar-ish)

Aiden went off to dutifully and lovingly stay awake in my class and take notes for me so I would not be more behind than I have to be. He told the girls, I'm sure, to be good for Mom and let her get some rest.

They got half of it right. The other half was discovered when I wandered out to get some Saltines. (I could lie and say it was to check on them but I am sick and I am self-centered whilst sick, I guess, so it totally wasn't. I kind of forgot they were here, honestly).

For Christmas Annie got a gigantic floor mat coloring/cut-n-paste/watercolor activity book starring BARBIE. It has crayons and glue and markers and paints and brushes all attached to the side.

The first time I wandered out (to actually check on them) they were coloring the book. Right on. Keep it clean so Aiden doesn't freak out when he gets home.

The next time I wandered out I was blindsided by the vision of pink tinted water pouring out of a sparkly yellow Scooby Doo cup across the table, onto two chairs, then *plip plip plipping* onto the floor. And two little girls looking shocked as all hell. I don't know if the shock was from how I looked, that I was up, that they were caught, or that it had happened.

I told them to grab a towel but Annie went running for the paper towels and pulled off the very last one. THEN SHE SHRUGGED.

I made her go grab an actual towel from the laundry pile (3 feet away). She thought her job was over then but she was WRONG.

I started cleaning it up and then I had to ask: What is the mashed up paper product in this mess?

Ashley apparently thought adding napkins to the Scooby cup while Annie painted would be something to do.

Her big punishment was to change clothes from the Barbie pink tinged water covered clothes she and Annie had spent all morning putting together (so they'd match). Annie got to help clean and had to watch her crap get thrown away.

And I got to learn a new way to yell at my kids while having the flu and a diminished lung capacity. Whispered lectures are not as gratifying and still induce coughing fits.

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