Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Art of Racing In The Rain

Garth Stein is a wicked man. He wrote this book which I thought sounded like a good idea whilst standing in front of the new book section of the public library last weekend.

Then I read the flap inside the cover. Okaaaay, it's about a dog's life and the end of it and his attachment to his family.

And it made me CRRRRYYYYY!!!!!

I don't think I have actually tears-running-down-my-face cried at a book since I went through my Nicholas Sparks phase.

Even if you don't want a good cry, the book is a good read. There's a lot (LOT!) of Formula One racing references but it's still worth it.

Excellent metaphors are made.

Heart stings are pulled.

I'm high on this book right now. I just finished it. I started it this morning.

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  1. That's how I am with books. I start them and finish them in the same day. If they're good, that is.

    I don't think I could read this one, though. It's been over 9 years since my first dog died, but it still feels like losing my first child. Strangely enough, I think I cried more when he died than I did about my brother or dad.

    That just makes me sound bad, huh? lol A lot of people don't understand the attachment you can have to a dog. But everybody who knew my dog loved him and still to this day will say he was the best dog they've ever known.


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