Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Staff Meeting

Today I got to attend a staff meeting at 8 a.m. Which, dumbly, was fun for me.

Well, the thought of it was exciting. The reality was kind of boring and I'll spare you.

At the beginning of the meeting the principal had my "cooperating teacher" (aka the teacher I'm shadowing) introduce me. It was very on the spot but she did a great job making me sound professional. Then the entire staff had to go around and tell me their names and what they do there (teach 4th, lunch lady, music, etc). I'm hoping no one expects me to remember any of it.

After they all found out who I was and why they have been seeing me around ALL WEEK, Alex's teacher from last year, who I love(!), leaned over to me and said, "so you're not just hanging out".

I had told her I was hanging out for the week during lunch on Monday. I didn't realize she'd think I was really that crazy!

PS Kindergarten is awesome, still. And the best part is if the morning class is nuts, the afternoon makes up for it. Other teachers get a crazy class one morning and are stuck all. day. long. with them.

Yes, I realize it could go the other way (morning awesome and afternoon awful) but I'm focusing on what happened today.

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