Saturday, March 21, 2009

We Do Not Negotiate With Terrorists, Either

Ashley is learning the meaning of "illegal". Why? Because she likes to manipulate situations with "If you don't let me _____, then you won't be my best". Being someone's best in this house is like loving them.

After a few months of this, during which we responded with, "oh, that's sad" or "sorry" I heard her ramping up to threaten me once again.

She got as far as "If you won't let me" when I looked her in the eye and informed her that blackmail is illegal.

"What does 'iyeagle' mean?" she wanted to know.

I told her it means the cops can take you to jail. I said they wouldn't take her for doing what she was doing but that she was blackmailing people and it was not okay.

It cut her off after a couple of times in 2 days. Until today. Once again we had to talk about what 'illegal' means.

She's also learning extortion is not okay.

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