Friday, April 10, 2009

Annie's explanation would have had ME sold.

Aiden subbed at Head Start a couple times this week including this morning. Yesterday he needed to be there by 7:30 and we were fully fed and dressed and ready for our day before we walked out the door. Today he needed to be there at 8:00 and we were mostly dressed, half of us had brushed our teeth, none of us had eaten, and we straggled out the door.

When the girls and I got home from dropping him off I asked them what kind of cereal they wanted. Then I whipped out my big surprise: I went to the store last night and got a few things including cereal. This may not sound too exciting but they were forced to eat Malto Meal yesterday because they were refusing to eat the Cheerios which have been around for a couple of months.

Not only did I get cereal, I got Cocoa Nuggets. See, I have this thing about Cocoa Pebbles. The other day Aiden had a coupon for a really cheap box so he brought me some home (to feed the PMS monster). The girls were not supposed to see the box but they did and they were SO mad that I would not share with them. (no excuse here, just sometimes I am mean like that!)

So I got them all excited in the car. Well, I got Annie excited. Ashley kept saying "Co-Coa mfmfmffffs" and I would say "Yep, Cocoa Pebbles".

Finally she managed to tell me she did not WANT Cocoa PEBBLES, she wanted Cocoa PUFFS. Her bargaining power/reasoning was "I had them at GRAND-ma's one time!"

Okay, so I fell short on the Puffs, but they were not on sale! (somehow I have it bad for chocolatey cereal. I don't know why. I will mention I also like OTHER kinds)

Annie walked into the house SOOOO excited for her Cocoa Pebb---

"That does NOT say Pebbles," she informed me. This was based on her trying to sound it out and not being able to make the N in nuggats say Puh like Pebbles.

I came clean about them being knock off (without saying "knock off") and she was appeased.

Ashley, however, was further put off by the NOT Cocoa Puffs somehow being one step further from the truth.

Annie decided she did not want milk on her cereal. Normally I might fight it (might not, too) but I just said, "okay, but when you put milk on it it turns into CHOCOLATE MILK!"

Thus, I poured the milk on Annie's cereal.

Ashley was still standing in the corner regarding the whole scene with doubt and wonder.

"Are you going to eat it, Ashley?" Annie wanted to know.


"BUT IT'S CHOCOLATE!!" Annie explained

Ashley hemmed and hawed and mentioned several more times that this was NOT Cocoa Puffs like she had been served at gramma's house.

Annie said they had it at their dad's house.

Ashley still wasn't sure.

She finally did eat it. She liked it. She asked for seconds. She was denied. She was happy once again as she had a new thing to have a fit about.

Maybe later I'll post about having to take Annie to one of my classes and how she dropped the pencil box of colored pencils on the floor to scare the crap out of everyone. And how I had to take Ashley to another class with me today where she informed me (and the rest of the class) that she was bored, this class is boring, and she wanted no, needed no, HAD to go potty again RIGHT NOW (we had gone right before class... and she did make it without any accidents).


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