Friday, April 24, 2009

Because I have no other outlet

Ashley needs a haircut. There is ONE place in this stupid town to get a haircut that is not a kitchy boutique or in someone's house where you wait until their hours to finally make an appointment for sometime in early 2013.

Supercuts opens at 9 a.m. In a college town where everyone takes classes from 9 to 12. So coming in at 10 should not be the end of the world, right?
Twice we have gone in at 10 and been told there's a 45 minute wait because there is only one person working.

The kids are heading to Brandon's today so we wanted to get Ashley's hair cut. Knowing they open at 9, and since I didn't have class this morning, I arrived at 9:10. Seriously.

The only woman working looked at me and informed me it would be an hour and a half wait.

People must be lined up outside the door when they get there in the morning. What time does the queing start? I should get in.

I put our name on the list and came home to wait until an hour has gone by. Because the extra half? Sometimes it doesn't exist and sometimes it is another hour and a half. But if you are not there, they cross you off.

Here's my problem with all of this: it cannot just be the mornings we show up that are crazy busy in that place. WHY is there not two people there for opening? It's not like they can't afford to pay her.

Although seeing as they have the corner on the market for hair cutting, I guess they can afford not to.

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