Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beauty and Brawn

Yesterday we babysat Samantha. She lives with her dad and that's it. She doesn't get a lot of GIRLY time so we decided to play "Beauty Shop". This begins with a lotion I have, which has glitter in it, for arms, necks, face, and shoulders if you're Ashley (since she was in a tank top). Then there was hair curling by Mr. Aiden (because I have NO patience to curl Annie's hair which is thick and will not hold curl). After that we did make up including 3 different colors of eye shadow for each girl, applied using a Q-tip for accuracy (and less germ swapping). Then we painted their nails. All 20 of them. Each. It was a lot of nail painting.
They decided they wanted to have ladybug fingernails and reverse ladybug toenails. Actually, they wanted ladybug toes, too, but I have no polish remover right now and Annie's toes were already black so everyone else got to change. It turned out really cute!

They were pretty dang pleased with the outcome, and the Otter Pop. Samantha doesn't get girly at all so after we were done she whispered to me, "this is the best day of my life".

THEN Ashley was playing on the new playground with a bunch of other kids. All day long they had been doing this game about giving each other boosts down the slide. Or up the climbing wall right next to the slide. At one point one of Goretti's kids tried to break his back going off one side of the slide. He landed on his back on a board that sticks out under the slide.
Then Ashley went over the other side (with a boost from Annie) and broke her face on the climbing wall. It was awesome. I was helping get Goretti's family back in their house (Santo had been sleeping on me) when I heard Ashley start crying. Aiden went racing to her rescue. By the time he got to her she had blood all over her face. Both of their shirts ended up with blood on them. She has a swollen lip, blood blister in her mandibular frenum (look it up), what will probably be two black eyes, and a banged up forehead.
My poor slugger.

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  1. Awesome biff Ashley! I also loved the singing in the tub, so funny!


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