Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Update on the garden

Our garden is getting so big. I'm kind of proud of the plants still being alive. Except the cucumbers. Both of them died. One was a sad and painful death that kept tricking us into thinking it would come back... by the time we ripped the dead plant out of the ground there was absolutely NO roots on it at all. Oops.
But the corn is doing well, the tomatoes are growing and getting buds and then losing buds and then getting more. Evidently I am over watering them but I can't seem to stop myself. Plus, they are right next to the peas which seem to be happy as all get-out with the amount of water they are getting. So we'll see if I can ever get it right.I just love how the tendrils looks.

I guess someone felt bad for us having dead cucumbers since this morning we went out to find a new tomato plant sitting in our plot. This one has NOT suffered from over watering so maybe we'll actually get tomatoes from it! It'll be the only one.

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