Monday, July 20, 2009

We Have Tomatoes!!!

After weeks of not even getting these,

We have bona fide tomatoes!! Look how beautiful they are!
Of the four tomato plants, there are tomatoes on all but one. Poor Mr. Stripey still hasn't made a tomato. He's made and lost several buds but no fruit. Don't you worry, though. We'll get him.

We also are going bell peppers. They are not my favorite but have you ever seen a pepper look so freaking cute? I'd never seen one grow so I keep watching it turn from the bud into the pepper. It's really interesting. Anyway, here's the picture:

And the peas. I love the peas because they were the first thing to grow and keep getting bigger every single day. They are covered with these beautiful flowers. (Okay, not as covered as I would like but still, they are pretty)

And I just cannot get over the tendrils. I hung up string but they are outgrowing it. I'm going to have to get some chicken wire to put out for them to climb. But they hold on so tight! I love looking at the peas.

Yesterday we went out to water the garden and there were peas all over the place! They literally just grew over night. We were babysitting for Goretti so her boys helped us eat all the ones we picked and were seriously eyeballing the ones I decided to leave and let grow.
We have officially enjoyed the first product of our gardening work.
And the kids, they are jealous they weren't here for it. But I assured them, this stuff won't just stop growing before they get back. And then there'll be tomatoes to pick and corn coming out our ears!! (pun intended)

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