Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back to school

Today Alex starts 4th grade. It's his first year having a male teacher which I think will be good for him. Mr. Church and I met when I was doing my spring break observation and he was really helpful to me at that time and he talked openly about teaching (it was his first year) and seemed to have a lot of great ideas and energy. I think my baby will enjoy this year.
Annie is officially in first grade!! I might freak out but it's so what she needs, to be in full day school with her own desk (no more K tables!! She's excited) and all her friends back. Her K teacher, Mrs. Koerner, will also be her 1st grade teacher. She's on maternity leave until October but then she's back and will be awesome for Annie again. We enjoyed working with her last year and her personality is perfect for Annie; she is warm and friendly but also not touchy feely. If Annie had been with a mushy teacher, she would have sat around and learned nothing. We'll see if motherhood has changed that part of her, I guess.
I started back yesterday to WSU. My schedule's crazy, the classes seem fine, and it's my for really reals Senior Year!!! Now I just have a couple more hoops before I get to be done. Until I go back in a year for my MIT but let's not talk about it now.
Ashley is not starting back to preschool for 2 more weeks. She's more than ready to collect her "just me and Aiden and a lot of Mom" time and then head to school. She'll have a new teacher this year as her old teacher got married and left for Colorado. She'll blow them away with her self taught reading she's cultivated. The other day she read me the whole first part of Fox In Socks. She's 4! Must be a 3rd kid thing. I did the same thing out of impatience and frustration of being left out.
Aiden will man the house this year playing Mr.Mom and get ready to enroll at WSU next year.
Hopefully we're ready!....
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