Saturday, August 08, 2009

Hey Sonic, it's Knuckles

Alex's best friend, Jared, moved to California in June. Tonight Jared called to talk to Alex. I thought this would be a fairly short conversation. I was wrong.
After first getting the update on the bug situation in California (they have a lot of squashed snails all over the road)(And unsquashed ones everywhere else)(and large spiders), they moved on to discuss everything else they could think of. We didn't think the conversation could go for very long. But they managed to talk for 40 minutes.
Well, Jared talked. Since he moved in the summer time he must not have made a lot of friends yet. I was left thinking he has saved up all his words for the last 2 months.
Still, it was good practice for Alex talking on the phone. He tends to breathe directly into the mouthpiece. He gets it from his father. So anytime he gets to chat, it can't get worse!
And, he didn't morph into a 40 year old contractor at any point so that's a plus.
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