Friday, December 17, 2010

What we've been up to...

All dressed up for our Christmas program. 

Annie's having a particularly hard morning.

And no one understands her!

At all. 

Ashley rubber-necks for the camera and gets that smile back on quick!  In between shots, she kept staring at Annie like she was an alien.  But as soon as that camera started to click, she flips on like a lightbulb.

"If you don't come and smile right now, I'm going to send this to Grandma to see what you are really like..."

"Put on your big-girl pants." 
"I DID!"

Fine.  I'm smiling  See?  (See Ashley, too?)
Through the whole thing, Alex just held perfectly still and waited for it to be over. 

I love these kids so very very much!

First Day of School

Halloween 2010


  1. Oh, your poor little Annie, it seems like it was a rough day for her. She resembles you, when you were little!

  2. Not because of the crying though, right? RIGHT?!?

  3. That still makes me snort. Oh. My. God. The funniest crap ever!


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