Monday, July 21, 2008

Ah, the addictive personality

I find myself checking way too often to see if any of the blogs I read have posted new things. This is because I am bored. And hot. You guys should really post more things so I'll have a good excuse to sit in front of our swamp cooler Amy gave us (I love Amy!) and read things online. Seriously.

When I got a myspace account I was addicted to it. For a long time. The more people I found on there, the more addicted I got. Then my account was a stupid and wouldn't let me log in for like 2 weeks. So I got a facebook account. (I am realizing I needed a hobby, I know). I haven't logged into facebook for a long time. This is especially sad because I am playing Scrabulous with some friends and all my games are just sitting there. I hate it when people do that to me and yet here I am doing it to them. I can't be bothered to log in because.... I'm stalking blogs.

Or I am outside melting. WHY is there only a minute and a half of spring and about an hour of fall but winter and summer last for ETERNITY!?! The best seasons get shorter and shorter. I was totally okay with sitting in the sun the last few weeks. Then it got muggy. Ick!

On a completely different note, and let's face it, this blog has absolutely nothing holding it together, Ashley just came in here complaining that she's hungryyyyy. I told her to wait for dinner in a little bit and she hucked a book at the back of my head. WTF!? Whose child is this that throws books at me? And not just any book. She threw "The Truth About Poop". She literally threw shit at me. Huh

~time passes.....~~~~

Now she wants my help to help her pull up her pants. I told her if she's big enough to throw books then she's old enough to pull up her own pants. Eventually I explained she needs to say "Sorry for throwing a book at you, Mom". She did. Then she said "now we give each others hugs". Awww... She has the fastest recovery of any child on Earth. Ever. She knows how to use her charm to the detriment of us all.

Aiden and I realized she could totally take over the house if she wanted to. Luckily she likes us so she hasn't tried. It may be a matter of time. Hopefully we get a cooler day before long so she doesn't go crazy with the rest of us and decide to try.

Oh, she's a sweet little girl.


  1. First off, when I first started blogging I was addicted to everyone posting too!! (Now I have a hard time keeping up with new posts!) But I would find myself checking people on my side bar SEVERAL times a day. Eventually a friend blogged about google reader, where you just subscribe to peoples blogs and it tells you when they've posted something new. Now I only go when there's something new. Although it can be overwhelming when I see that there are 38 new posts to read....that's what I get for reading so many people's blogs!!

    I laughed out loud when I read what Ashley did!!!! Matt had to know what I was laughing about too. Not only did that make me laugh, but also you're "WTF" thing. Matt has been obsessed with those letters running all together. Although you might say the real thing, Matt just says the letters, but it still drives me nuts!!

    So you want to go walking tonight??? I'm up for it if you are, although I might rather eat a cinnamon roll or two!!

  2. You write very well.


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