Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A new title

I was told it is hard to find my blog. So I searched for it. Another blog with a very similar name came up so I, out of boredom, started reading.

I have also read several of the blogs you people keep in your sidebar. There is one in particular that Valerie has on hers where some woman I have never met goes on tirades about all kinds of things including women who can't stop saying "I can't believe I'm so blessed" and other stupid things to repeat.

I didn't think it could get bad enough to warrant actual ranting but then I found that blog. The one whose name is WAY to close to the name I was using until a few minutes ago. I wanted to throw up. I started looking at her page and could just tell that she was Mormon. Yup, I was right. This does not mean I think it's a bad thing to be LDS, it means it's a bad thing to be LDS in that way. Go look, you'll want to vomit. She has five (5!) FIVE kids and is pregnant, she can't stop talking about how WONDERFUL her husband is and how blessed her life is, and... AND she actually says she understands so-and-so's "PERSPECT". Um, did we lose the "ive"? I don't know, maybe it's just a word I don't know.

I can forgive the wrong to/too but not two. I can get over (barely) there/their but not they're. I make mistakes, but I don't think I often leave out SO much of the word that it ceases to make sense. I hate this woman.

I must really need some sleep. I have just re-read this post and I'm going to post it for real so you can laugh at me, at her, whatever. Maybe you'll decide you like her and become blogspot buddies. Go for it. (She's vegan, if that helps sway you my way). I have actually said here that I hate a woman I know virtually NOTHING about.

But she's under my skin so I'm changing my title so as to not ever be accidentally screwed up with her. *shudders

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  1. I like your title. Very creative!


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