Thursday, July 10, 2008

Summertime biking

Alex learned to do his with no training wheels this spring but still cannot start on his own (he refuses to practice with the bigger kids of the apartments out there since they can already do it) so we're working on it on the sly.
Annie checking things on her bike. She's now got it pretty well with no training wheels but needs more practice and to figure out starting on her own. I'll get some pictures of it soon and put them up.
Ashley was going SO FAST on her Dora trike that she looked like a sewing machine coming down the sidewalk at you. So we got Grandma and Grandpa Smith to buy her a big kid bike for her birthday. Just 4 months early. It was so bad, we tried to get her a 12" bike but she was too long for it with the seat all the way up so BACK to Walmart to get her one of the 16" bikes. It's a smush too big for her but will last much longer. She's cruising and wants to be off training wheels by fall. I think she could do it.


  1. Since watching Alex and Annie, Malcolm wants to learn to ride without his training wheels. I think Matt should take that on. Hehe

  2. I think so,too. I got him to come out and ride with Alex last night and then he finally got it for real today. He can even start himself. Matt happened to come home in the middle of riding and they both had to show off.

    Thanks for loaning me your husband for the afternoon!


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