Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's adding up and coming off pt 1

Remember when Ashley had gorgeous long hair and we could put braids in it and make it all pretty? She got to a point in May where that was NOT happening anymore. She refused to let us wash it or do anything with it. So one night I asked her if she wanted to cut her hair short for summer. She was excited so we went to Supercuts (cue the tragic music) and picked out a cut and showed it to the girl.
This girl had just finished cutting a 17 year old boy's hair and had his MOTHER freak out (like crazy crazy crazy) that it was too short. In reality she did what he had asked for as he tried to creep out from under his mom's thumb before his graduation but the mom screamed at her and made a big show of not paying and talking on her cell about how upset she was. (NOTE: The boy asked for a number 4 on the back and finger cut on top. He looked GOOOOD. Especially when you consider that he came in with a mullet.)

Anyway, he looked nice and we figured she'd be fine. WRONG. I said I wanted the girls to have basically matching A-line bobs with it stacked up in the back. Annie's was shorter than I meant it to be but other than that, great! Ashley's lady kept asking me if it was stacked enough. I'm looking for depth and it's wet and I didn't go to haircutting school so I keep saying no. She is looking for vertically where to stop layering and kept raising it up and up. Once I realized we were talking about two different things we stopped but it was too late.

I think it was cute in the front but in the back, it just did not flow.

It ended up looking like she had cut it herself and we had salvaged what we could. Sad day for blending. (The irony starts here)

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  1. She looks so so cute with her hair shorter. Too bad they butched it!


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