Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's adding up and coming off pt 2

So we got her hair fixed so the back blended into the front more. God bless Shari Carter! It's not everything I ever wanted originally from Supercuts but it sure as heck was better than the choppy mess.

We have to put the girls to bed with one in their bunk bed and one in our bed so they will fall asleep. After they are snoozing we transplant them to their own bed. About 2 days after we got Ashley's hair fixed I had used some scissors to cut something in our room and left the scissors sitting on the dresser. I thought fleetingly about moving them but we make her a nest of pillows and explain she is not to get out of the nest for ANYTHING and to just go to sleep. Riiight.

I found a tag cut up on the dresser the next morning and thought how lucky it was that she had cut that and not her fingers. Then Aiden walked out in the kitchen with a handful or hair. Smushy Cat has been losing clumps of hair lately and I was confused because it was definitely NOT Smushy colored hair. Then I realized what it was. A handful of Ashley clippings.

She made a very nice cut down the one side and took out some bangs.
We were forced to make her wear it like that for a couple of days since I couldn't call Shari on Sunday to fix it and I was NOT going back to Supercuts.
We had to go to Spokane on Monday so I called my mom to see if her hair lady could fix it but Stephanie takes Mondays off. So she went to the Olive Garden looking like this.

I finally ended up taking her to Supercuts and getting a DIFFERENT stylist to cut it. My little girl has gone from long flowing hair she wouldn't wash or style (or let us, y'know what I mean) to looking like a boy. But hair grows and she's still cute. The funny part is I liked the cut she made better than the blended cut Shari put in but I was okay with them both. This is shorter t han I would like but she's indifferent.

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  1. Ashely...what did you do!?! My goodness. You know it's because we were just talking about the things our kids have never done. Good thing it will grow back!! And that she's so cute.


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