Thursday, July 10, 2008

My sister and I started a weight loss blog because she feels that she is officially FAT and I know I am beyond fat, probably in the neighborhood of (more like Mayor of) morbidly obese. So we decided to keep each other motivated by blogging our exercise, which I love doing, and celebrating our success at not cramming a box of Oreos in our mouths, etc. I think of it as a competition of sorts. Not so much against her, she's always been better at everything, but against myself keeping up with her. The day I cannot honestly say I did some kind of activity is the day I start losing. And not the weight.

Anyone who wants to join the blog should. The more people we have, the better it will be, right?

So right off the bat going to Boyer Park so much lately has been helpful. Swimming is good for me, you, and everyone else AND I end up not just swimming but pushing Ashley across the swimming part in her float. I'm pretty sure it takes energy, therefore burns calories, to keep myself warm in the icy water, too. I was pushing Annie across the river, too, but then I made her learn to swim in her life jacket so now she swims along with me. Which is so much fun but may be more work since I end up swimming the whole thing twice going back to tug her up with me and then push her ahead only to pass her, go back, and do it all again.

The biggest problem is that I have also been craving ice cream. No, not ice cream, DAIRY QUEEN. I wonder how many people work there for a year and are addicted for the rest of their lives. I have friends who have worked at other places and refuse to eat there now but I did not find that to be the case with DQ. Then they made Thin Mint Cookie Blizzards. Are you kidding me?!? This is not diet friendly or something I can easily say "no, Honey, you go ahead, I'll have some celery" to.

On a completely different note, I have been trying to get a blog with pictures done but I think I have to put all the pictures in and then type. I keep trying to add them as I go but then it goes into the beginning of the blog and when I try to move them they get all mad and freeze Internet Explorer for 5 minutes. So I have to finish getting pictures off my camera onto the computer so I can upload them backwards and hopefully get Shaila to show me the easier way to make it work. Otherwise I am not sure it's very worth it.


  1. (heavy sarcasm) Yeah, I'm so much better than you, are you just now figuring that out?!


  2. Nope, I knew it forever. Just now figuring out I won't die if I say it!

  3. Way to go! I have the hardest time with over eating. I like food. PS It was easier for me to work out pregnant then it is now. I worked out for three days in a row...then left and haven't worked out once since. I don't think the 3 days of 6 am workouts were worth it!!


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