Saturday, August 09, 2008


Don't stop reading!!! I'm not hungover from alcohol. No, if you read my probably ill-placed post last night you might realize I'm hungover today from cookie dough. I feel sluggish. I feel like I was molested by the cookie dough that I, in fact, molested first.

The "therapy" didn't even work. I got all stupid, laid in bed, and cried for an hour. Poor Aiden got stuck, again, trying to make me calm down and realize I don't really have anything to be so worked up over. So I finally regained rationality (or as much as I EVER have) and realized my leg was cramping up from lack of milk intake.

AND I had laid down to cry so my sinus had that thing going on. You know what I mean... that thing where you feel like you got water up your nose and then it starts shifting. As if the first feeling wasn't quite uncomfortable enough.

Anyway, I took a muscle relaxer and slept for 8 hours, which isn't rare but has been elusive lately, and now I am hungover from cookie dough AND muscle relaxers.

But I do feel better and I'm not so sleepy, just groggy. And that will burn off with my daily Coke. Right?


  1. grammaB3:47 PM

    when you lie on your back and cry in your pillow, tears get in your ears.

  2. Sorry the cookie dough didn't work...apparently I should have had half!! I hate those day where I just have to cry. Thank goodness I have a supportive husband that takes care of everything else for me. I've had a lot of those days!

  3. Shaila - you have an infant, I think having those days comes with it. And ANYTIME you want to split the cookie dough (raw or baked) I'm in! We should have a girl's night at Shari's (rest. not hair) and get rid of the kids AND supportive men for a little while.


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