Sunday, August 10, 2008

It was a comment and I moved it. Follow up hangover

On said other post my oh so loving Valerie offered to let me call her for $350/hour instead of gorge on cookie dough.

Well, I could. But then what would I use Aiden for? He'd be so bored during that loooong phone call. AND if I have to call anyone to whine to in the middle of the night, I might as well call Brandon. He's called me enough since the divorce to get me to tell him his life is okay (hello? I don't want that job anymore. I filed paperwork to prove it!) I'm pretty sure I have a good amount of credit built up.

Although if I tried to use it he would tell me that I was getting my way and being an awful person (with different words) and refuse to do it.

Or blame all my issues on being with Aiden, tell me a)I'm too late because he's got Morgan (YES!!!) or b)he can be here in 7 hours to pack Aiden's crap and move himself in.

I hate that second option.

PLUS, do I want my big sister who I may have convinced I am semi-rational to hear I am having a breakdown because I got my feelings hurt in a stupid and ridiculous way? Granted it's during a week of sleep deprivation and I was hot and tired and crabby and and and...

Okay, this is the last whiny blog for now. Back to whatever the norm is next time.

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  1. But still, you could call me....


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