Thursday, August 07, 2008

I'm so excited

When I was pregnant with Ashley we bought a digital camera. We didn't really know anything about what we wanted in one besides the usual "good screen", "enough pixels", "some decent zoom", etc. Two years later I realized I could actually get zoom beyond the 4x. I just had to turn that feature on. Oooooh!!!

Shaila (our upstairs neighbor) is really into photography and I get all excited when I look at her posts. She's got the big deal camera I can only hope to own someday and even if I did, I would take 2 years to figure it out, right? I have always harbored this delusion that I could take good pictures. And I probably can if the subject is a tree or a willing, not under 10 years old, person. I have been playing with my camera a lot lately trying to figure out what all the different shooting modes do; some are really obvious from the picture but some are lettered like TV, AV, M, and some other stupid things that will make obvious sense, I'm sure, if I ever actually read the book (we all remember I have ADD, right? Yeah, I bought the camera well before I got diagnosed so who knows if I have the book anymore).

So today Ashley was outside playing in the pools again. In that camera somewhere I found a way to change the ISO but I was terrified to do it since I didn't understand what that meant or what it would do. Since I blog stalk people I have learned a thing or two (tops!) about some of this so I was determined to find the choice for ISO again. (don't ask me what it stands for, ask SHAILA!) It does something with the shutter speed, I think, making it possible for her to freeze the water in mid-air and other super cool stuff.

**Shaila, how did you take that one of Mack on the slide? Teach me!!!**

Anyway, I finally figured out where the ISO choices exist (not in the menu or in all the shooting modes so grrr!!! at Canon but I'm figuring this out... they should print a book like a manual or something. Oh.) and only screwed up the camera a little bit in the process. I think I'll be able to figure out what I did or at least how to reverse it, or in the very least learn what it's called so I can sound like I did it on purpose later... It's just a new thing that comes up over the instant review screen right after I take a picture. Anyone?

Now that I have owned this camera and HATED it for years because it took too long, wouldn't take pics the way I wanted, and was too slow, I have learned that I can do all kinds of cool stuff including take black and white photos instead of having to make them in photoshop (I have learned I may like a picture in B/W that I cannot see any value of in color). I can change the settings for cloudy days, fluorescent lighting, fireworks, how much flash comes out of the bulb, etc etc.

I feel like I bought a new camera. Now if only I could find the book!


  1. See the time stamps? It's like 2 minutes later: I found the book. Right in the file cabinet where it should be. I have two weeks or so until classes start. I will be proficient or at least have read it all by then and have lots of practice!

    And yes, I will post some pictures when I have time.

  2. grammaB10:15 PM

    I just learned to take videos on my digital camera - I took them of the kids on the trampoline in the water- cool - now if I could only figure how to download THAT without having to read the book; maybe you got your ADD from me?

  3. Probably.

    Downloading video works just the same as pictures. You just have to look for them in the folder. If you can't figure it out, I'm sure one of us can do it for you.

    I did read the book, btw. I learned some things and I figured out how to push the stupid button (there's only like 4) to fix what I had messed up. I feel like such a dip!


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