Friday, August 01, 2008

Now if Alex would just stay dry at night...

After fighting and fighting for a year and a little bit to get Ashley to use the potty, she does! We got her to a place where she was peeing on the toilet all the time (no more potty chair!!!) but the "poops" were a different matter. We tried everything to get her to poop in the toilet. She got it, finally, so she could wear her special yellow dress and yellow panties one day. (thanks to Sabre for the fantastic idea!) The next day it was a new bribe; ice cream cones for everyone outside that night, pudding cups, rice krispy treats (she'll do anything for those!), etc etc etc. Then on Tuesday she was suddenly calling "AiTen" to "come here please". We didn't know where she was. Holy Awesome Child, Batman!- she was in the bathroom waiting for someone to wipe her bum because she made a poop without anyone asking/telling her to go try!!

We were quite thrilled (this was the night of the Rice Krispy treats). She did it again that night shortly after bedtime and then again the next day. She has not worn a Pull-Up in three days and we are loving it. She is kind of offended that she is still wearing diapers to bed but with the floods that happen sometimes anyway I am not ready to wear panties to bed yet.

Hmmm, maybe I am not ready to let HER wear panties to bed yet. I wear them all the time, thank you very much.


  1. panties are good. Yay for Ashley! Lincoln just got the hang of pooping in the toilet too. I'm lovin' it! We still put both boys in pull ups at night because it's way easier to change a pull up than a bunk bed.

  2. I'm so proud of Ashley. Now I need to get Quinn potty trained.


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