Sunday, August 17, 2008

A quick thought

I promise to be done talking about pictures in the next blog (all I can promise is one) but I was thinking how I should get so-and-so to take pictures of our family. But I never like them. No matter which fantastic photographer takes cute poses, I never like the pictures of myself.

Then I realized, it's not a new photographer I need, it's a new body.

Or a new photographer who can shave pounds off me with her computer AND remove the shadows my now smooth and pretty tummy has left on it.

Any volunteers?


  1. You know I would so LOVE to take pictures of your family!! (Too bad you don't live in Moses. My in laws have the most amazing background, and I just got some awesome pictures of my brother's fam!) We should do it when I get home one night...please!?!

  2. Absolutely. Duh!

  3. Holly Young!!! You are BEAUTIFUL! It has nothing to do with size, but who you are as a person! DUH!


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