Saturday, August 16, 2008

Playing with my camera

As I said, I have been playing with my camera and discovering I do like it after all. So much for trying to get a new one soon. Now we can save up for the bedroom set from Ikea instead of keeping the early American garage sale style we currently have. Sigh.

Anyway, here's some pictures I took, none of them are photoshopped. Maybe if I ever get time together I can work on that. Some of these are awful, I'm sure, to a trained person and some of them are fun for raw photo. I'll keep playing with it and get something figured out one day.

He kept walking as I tried to frame up a full body shot so I ended up with what I think is a really cute facial shot.

And then he drove the tractor. He's such a ham, he reminds me of Alex at that age!

Taking a sunset picture is hard. Unfortunately I didn't have a fantastic forefront but still, I like it.

Same night as the above shot, Matt came down to take off Quinn's training wheels. So I took a picture and I like the lighting. I messed with the ISO and shutter speed so much I don't remember what it was for this shot but I like the graininess that comes in.

How do I NOT love this picture? It's probably framed up all wrong but I think it's fantastic. Could photoshop it for cropping... I probably will. But I love it!

the angle on this is what makes it fun. Plus, Ashley is such a good model. She's the most willing to be shot and shot and shot. With a camera, of course!

The rest of these were all taken while Ashley was the only kid home for a few days. She had no idea I was taking these pictures so I like the unhindered looks she has. Apparently I was really excited about the black and white feature I found on the camera. Tough.
This is such a "I'm marching to the band" shot. I wish I had gottten her feet in it better but I will probably crop it to more of her, less of the background.
She's exploring. Looking for pretty rocks to take into the pool with her. And her animals she had brought out. I did crop this one before but this is the untouched one.
I must be the queen of cropping. This one I love her hands. The whole thing is cute but the way she's holding her hands is so delicate. I might print out one shot that is just that left hand and frame it. Maybe. If I can get it clear enough.
I messed around with the ISO again and I love how the background looks like a set. This makes me think of the beginning of The Wizard of Oz.


  1. Really great've got an eye!

    Early American Garage Sale...HA!

  2. grammaB8:32 AM

    I think you are doing a great job learning the camera. If you seriously want great family pictures, get in touch with Billie - she crops,erases fat and wrinkles, slims, trims and wins.

  3. Great pictures! Isn't photography so fun and time consuming!! It consumes me everyday!haha So I meant to say in the earlier comment. I don't know how to remove much...just blemishes and a dark eye circles. But I do know how to add: virtual makeup, grass and blue skies! Maybe someday my skills will move up...learning is time consuming though!


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