Friday, September 26, 2008

Well -aka nothing holding it together, AGAIN

Since I spent all that time posting about the fairs and apparently NO ONE read it, I am feeling blah about blogging. Or blah-ging.

I don't just write this all out there for my posterity. I am doing it for comments. I refuse to get a page counter, mostly because I can't figure out how to make it work and I refuse to pay for one, so if you don't comment, I don't know you came and read. Even if it sucked, tell me so.

Okay, technically I am kind of doing it for posterity, also. I mean, the goal here is kind of to keep an online journal and then print it out and hand it to your kids on their way out the door into real life and say "here's your memories" right?

This could be seriously helpful to my kids' reflections of me should I decide to beef me up a bit. hmm...

Okay, I don't know what this is all about.

In all fairness to you, and really that's generous of me since this is MY blog, I started one of my 4 a year periods this week AND had two midterms. So I'm allowed to be fried at this time on Friday afternoon. I'm allowed to be crazy with stupidity and I'm allowed to have hurt feelings about stupid things. (no, not about the comments, there is life beyond my blog, even for me!)

Maybe it's made all the worse because Mom said I'm so funny. So I post a blog with one big convaluted story leading up to the punch line at the end and .... crickets.

Mom, evidently I am NOT funny. Hope your trip to Texas goes better (or went better by the time you read this) than my physics test. As long as the plane stays in the air the whole time it should (apparently there's a formula for figuring that all out but clearly I don't know it!) you've already won.

I did score a 94% on my sociology exam I barely studied for. How is it that I am a hard science major who can skate my way through social/soft sciences? Maybe I need to re-evaluate the major. They just don't let Sociologists into dental school, though.


  1. I found sociology to be a really easy course and I am not as smart as you and I 4.0ed it. I am so glad that I did not have to take physics. I hate all the stupid class they make you take that have nothing to do with your choosen field. Some one commented once that they make you a more well rounded person. And I say I am well rounded enough, thank you very much!!!! Well maybe I am just round, I don't know.

    I bet you did great and I agree that you are entittled to a litte freak out on fridays, in fact I take mine from Friday to Thursday LOL

    Have a good week, love your blog!!!

  2. Wow...Honey, slow down! LOL Actually, though I may not comment on EVERY post, my blog tells me when you update your blog and I always check! So there! I know I am in bumfuck MN, but I do care!

    HUGS!!!!!!!!! Take it easy on your Mom, she does the best she can :) I so wish mine were here to 'pick' on me!

  3. Traci-
    I am not trying to sound harsh on my mom, it was just funny (there's that word again) that she said what she did and then this happened.

    And it's not that I need EVERYONE to comment, although that's nice, mostly I was having a rant.

    Also, you're only in MN for little bit longer. ha ha ha, having to move again!

  4. I'm reading, I'm reading, and committing bad comment karma by not commenting. Sometimes I'll sit down and check my Reader and there'll be so many things there that I read them one after the other and don't comment on any of them.

    Bad Valerie, bad, bad Valerie!

    But that doesn't mean you're not funny. Also, if you want strangers commenting, check out some other blogs and leave comments on theirs. Ususally they're so grateful that they come back and leave at least one comment on yours. You never know, they may just become loyal readers!

  5. grammaB6:43 PM

    Holly U R so funny! Gramma B

  6. are too funny! I've been having problems with blogging/reading them in general. So when I got to google reader, there's like 30 post from people that I haven't read...that a whole heck of a lot!!'s free, it's easy and you find out TONS of people read your blog, but don't comment!! haha

    PS...I like comments too! hehe


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