Saturday, September 27, 2008

Science nerd strikes

Okay, first, thanks to all of you for the comments. Maybe I should just berate you everytime and then I'll get what I want?

Or you'll leave me for a less abusive blog. (this brings to mind all kinds of jokes about "if I can't have you no one else will" and other not funny abusive things to say but I'll leave it alone)

I am a self professed science nerd. If you know me at all you know I am going to school to be a dentist. Dentists are not dumb people. They make you take all kinds of crap you'll never actually need and pass the dental version of the MCAT (DAT) just to get an interview to make them consider letting you come to their prestigious school. And I really want to.

Anyway, I like science. My whole childhood I wanted to grow up to be a mom. I also wanted to do chemistry. (I also harbored delusions that I would be a great painter but after the Christmas Season of 4th grade REALITY and I became better acquainted, in that department anyway.)

Alex is a science nerd of a different sort; he goes to the public library with us and gets books on global warming, endangered animals, and other macro-type science. I'm a micro-science girl. I like things on a molecular/cellular level. Either way, us science nerds have to stick together. And as any great member of a secret society (for all my LDS readers) I am trying to convert many others to my poison.

How am I doing this? By slyly introducing you to science everytime you view my page. That thing in the side bar with the sometimes freaky and sometimes AWESOME pictures is a continually changing set of award winning microscopic pictures. At least, that's what they are billed as (as in billboarded bill NOT "remit payment now" bill). Some of them seem to be rather broad spectrum for a microscope (like the close up of a fly, not all of them are gorgeous, I'll admit).

So you should all take a look. Show your kids and see if they aren't in love with science after some of the pictures. In my experience it's a new picture everytime I load the page so if your kids (or you!) are liking them, keep hitting F5 to refresh and off you'll go to science land!

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