Sunday, September 28, 2008

Remember when your husband couldn't see through your line of crap?

I do. It's over.

Yesterday was Annie's birthday. I will do a post on that later. Last night Aiden, who has been fighting a cold all week, and I stayed up ridiculously late. Aiden had slept a lot of the day since I am a nice wife who only gets moderately irritated by the fact that this cold is wiping him out.

Anyway, we were talking about how everything is more expensive when you live in Alaska (there was a reason but I'll spare you). So this brings to mind my sociology class. We were talking about cohabitation on Friday. It turns out people in Alaska shack up quickly leading to a high percentage of cohabitation across the state. Simply to save money. See how it connected in my brain?

So I'm going to share this nugget of knowledge with my fantastically sick husband but I got as far as "we learned in sociology on Friday that " and then I realized this was to be the second weekend in a row that I don't get to sleep past 6:50. Because he's sick and because I had tests to study for last weekend. So I thought quick (sometimes having ADD is so helpful!) and changed direction. What ended up coming out was:

"We learned in sociology on Friday that if you want your marriages to last that Sunday should be the wife's day to sleep in."

He looked as if he bought my line of crap for a second or two and then he asked if that's true or if I am feeding him a line of complete crap. I was so close! Then he said if I want to sleep in tomorrow I just have to tell him and he'll get up. He actually said "I want you to sleep in. I'd promise you can sleep in but I don't know what my broken body will let me follow through on".

For once this was not an "I got hit by a car and I have a broken body" broken body comment. It was a "can't be mad at me, be mad at all the germs in my body and the preschoolers I work with who gave them to me" broken body comment.

The upshot to not getting to sleep in is that I get to listen to the phlegm in his throat make him sound like he's growling/purring when he snores. It's worth it.

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  1. Happy Belated Bday, Miss Annie! September is DEFINITELY the best birthday month of all!


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