Thursday, October 02, 2008

Aiden says

He's going to start blogging. Of course, he's been telling me this all summer (and then some) and it has yet to occur. That's mostly because he keeps the house clean and was busy taking care of everything so I could focus on class/healing after the whole pancreatitis issue this spring/summer and then just trying to keep up with life as the summer progressed and the heat increased.

So, tonight he swore he's going to start blogging. Again. So I have to show him to to log in and actually post. Again.

He's a "learn by doing" kind of guy so the fact that I have shown him a couple of times means NOTHING with the lack of use. ( he says I have to play fair and admit he has a VW in his brain... waah!)

Anyway, he's saying he should post about his job (which are funny stories, I guarantee you! He works in a preschool with a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds and some adults who are on the same level. As CO-WORKERS!). He told me it's going to be about child... rearing.

"Because that's what it should always be called. 'Here, I've reared your child'."

It goes along with Baby SITTING, right?

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