Thursday, October 02, 2008

He Can Be Taught!

Lookie, here I am. Blogging and everything. It only took Holly walking me through the process step-by-step (and never once calling me a retard) 3 times! Hooray for my giant learning curve and Holly's patience.

So, it will take me awhile to figure this specific blog forum out. And Holly is right, I do have a lot to share from work. You'd think 16 3-4 year-olds would be stressful, but really they're just plain funny.

For now, I shall leave you with this nugget (which all parents - especially Mommies - will love):
My coworker has his degree in Early Childhood Development. However, he does not have his degree in real-life childhood development. It matters not how many books you have read about children, because until you've had one (or many) there are certain things you just don't know. For instance, last week my coworker decided to let the classroom vote on which playground we should go to for afternoon outside time. I should say he attempted to have the class vote. 4 kids raised their hands to go to the sandbox side, 3 kids (2 of whom had previously voted) raised their hands to go to the monkey bar side, and the other 11 kids raised their hands to insert their fingers into their noses.
When I informed my coworker that this course of action may not be to our or the children's advantage he looked at me as though I were politically incorrect on so many different levels. He tried to "poll" the children the following day, but before the wailing and gnashing of teeth could ensue, I cut him off. We have never voted since.
I have posed this story to our many mommies in the apartment complex in this manner, "How do you know a preschool teacher has no children of his own? He tells the class to vote!" Mommies get it. They're smart like that.


  1. Even if no one else thinks this is worth commenting on, I think it's hilarious. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I have seen this guy. Oooh, I wish we could name him! Seriously, let's name him. He'll be re-appearing in future 'episodes' so it's good to not have to say "co-worker from first post" vs "giant fat co-worker I referred to second in the third post". See, it's easier to give them made up names like "Mangie" or "Maty" or "Mavin". This is a great code which NO ONE is smart enough to break.

    And I'm glad you're posting here now. It takes the pressure off.

  2. hahahah have you ever noticed that kids will always choose the last option you give them. it's like they have already forgotten the first one offered LOL. I could never never be a preschool teacher LOL

  3. Heather, I have totally noticed that! That's why I ask my kids questions in the form of "would you like (insert OTHER option here) or (insert thing I want you to pick here)?"

    Also, tone of voice helps. "do you want waaaffles *said with a Eeyore-ish voice* or BANANAS!!!! ?"

    It works 95% of the time.


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