Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ashley's Party

Ashley's party was today. Her birthday was two days ago but who throws a party on THURSDAY? No one who wants people to actually come.

Because the girls' birthdays are so close together and because I share a birthday with my sister and therefore never had my own party growing up, I began what I hope will be a tradition last year where we do Ashley's party Halloween themed. It's in October, it makes me (and anyone who comes) get the costumes early (and before the selection is so picked over), and it's fun! I think we actually do more for the costumes for the party than for Halloween itself (more make up, more detail, etc.)

Since I was caught unprepared for Annie's party (so NOT a Scout!) I was determined to have Ashley's party planned. The problem? We invited WAY more people to Ashley's party than Annie's. Why? Because two years in a row way less people than invited (and has NO ONE heard of RSVP?) showed up to Annie's. So two years in a row we invited MORE people to Ashley's. The thing I forgot to learn from last year is that THIS weekend is not as busy for people, or something. EVERYONE showed up. Which is great but I don't know what to do with 12 little kids in Halloween costumes their parents are needing/hoping to use again.

I had planned to do musical chairs again, then I realized we couldn't because A, we don't own 12 chairs, and B, where would we put them? We modified it a bit and played musical Squares. Picture construction paper on the floor because that's what it was. This should have and WOULD have been just fine but there were some younger kids at this party and some of them don't get the concept of musical anything. Poor Aiden ended up in the middle of the circle reminding them all, constantly, to walk on the outside of the circle and not actually ON the squares. Have I mentioned how happy I am he's working in a preschool?

One little girl showed up halfway through the game and jumped right in. She is a little over adult-ized, if that makes sense, and she doesn't really do the whole "follow the rules of the game" thing very well. She decided she would just stand on the square until the music stopped. Um, no. She kept being reminded to keep moving and then she just really didn't get it and finally quit when it was her and this other boy. He'd been in the game all along so I was glad he won.

Then what? Can't play Duck Duck Goose, half the kids can't sit in their costumes. Go on a scavenger hunt to see how many pumpkins are out in our complex? It's COLD out there and all 12 precious darlings took their shoes off upon entering my house. That's SO not happening.

So we played tape the nose on the scarecrow. With cotton balls. It was WAY ghetto. But it kept them entertained while it was their turn. Who won? That's still a little unclear as the only kids who got it anywhere close to the face of the Scarecrow were the three five year olds who CHEAT. Aiden and I were laughing as we realized how easy it is to tell who's honest and who's not when you play that game. all of them came up to the scarecrow with their faces pointed to the sky trying (and apparently succeeding at) to peek from under their blindfold. CHEATERS!!!

Aiden laughed and said it was probably because the little kids are too dumb to know to cheat and the older kids know better. I'm betting he's right. I wish I had a picture of all the cheaters to post right here. But I don't.

Then we were really out of ideas so we got out crayons and let the kids color. At one point Malcolm and Quinn were in the kitchen and apparently Mack had had enough of this party (me too!) He leaned over and said "c'mon Quinn, let's go home". It was sad he was so bored (and the cake was chocolate which he doesn't like. oops!) so we got their goody bags and Aiden walked them upstairs. Once the goody bags came out the party was pretty much over. All the kids stood at the door trying to put on their shoes and get out so they could score their own bag. Fine with me!

Thankfully we are done with birthday parties for another 10 months or so. phew! Season over.


  1. Doesn't like chocolate??? HUH?? Gimme his piece!!!! Seriously...

    LOVE THE CAKE!!! She's a perfect Tink! Pixie all the way!

    Aiden wears lipstick better than I ever will LOL

    LOVE the photo of you two in your sidebar!

    Was this random enough for you?

  2. First, I can guess that my three year old doesn't 'get' musical chairs. Secondly, I figure my five year old was in the mix of the 'cheaters'.

    I don't know how my son doesn't like chocolate. Matt likes it and I LOVE it. But some members of our family don't care for it. Too funny that Malcolm wanted to come home. I didn't realize that's why Aiden brought them up! Haha

    I asked Ashley how her party was, she said I missed it. I would have stayed there if I knew she wanted me there! She looked so dang cute in her costume!!

    Man, I feel like I never get to see you guys anymore. We need to have you up for dinner. Remember how we were going to have an Alfredo night...I think we need to!


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