Friday, October 17, 2008

So much to say

I had this great blog all written in my head the other morning so I went to my computer to get on here and... no internet. Evidently they are serious when they send out those billsw every month. Huh.

Anyway, we'll be getting paid eventually and get internet back and then maybe I'll remember the freakin' blog that was SO funny.

For now, a few tidbits to tide you over (try not to cry in missing me too much!)

Annie lost her first tooth. Tooth Fairy managed to scrounge up two bucks for it. YAY!!

Ashley has found the words "heck", "holy", and "freakin'".

This came about when she asked me "where the heck is my goodie bag". Then she also told me Alex (who was being INSANE one morning) was being a Jack....... ass. Bit of a talk there.

Then we had to go to the ER because she tried to skin her toe in the bathroom (long story). She and I sang a made up song based on the "visit the moon" song from Sesame Street (which we sing all the time). She told me Well I'd like to visit the DOCTOR when a Grown up Drives me there... Yes, I like to visit the doctor...

It went on to include how "holy crap" we are at the "freakin'" doctors'.

No stitches, we're fine.

More later but I'm at the library and Ashley and David (our friend we brought with us) are trying to beat the fish tank off the counter AND kill themselves in the process. Must leave before I'm not allowed back.


  1. Seriously, I don't know that I've ever met anybody that has so many ER visits!!

    I'm glad Ashley's okay. No fun going to the ER.

    Annie lost her first tooth!!! Finally she let it come out huh!!

  2. Yeah...forget dentistry, you've already done half an ER residency!


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