Monday, October 20, 2008

Why am I doing this?! (the rant or the schooling)

I really want to be a dentist. I want my kids to see me complete this dang degree. I want to have the money in the end. I want to have the house and the car and the horses and the STUFF I feel I will deserve when I am finally done. I know it will not buy happiness but I bet it helps!

I also don't want to be in school right now. I don't want to take these stupid classes. WHY do I have to take a year of physics to be a dentist? What could that possibly help me with when I have a patient in the chair and I have to do things to their mouth? Knowing the difference between force and thrust and power and impulse (and all those other dirty words I better learn by Wednesday, 2 pm, for the test sparking this on) will not help me know where the nerve line runs.

I know, they want me to prove I can do it. Well, I can. Can't I just prove it another way? I WANT to be a dentist. I don't WANT to take physics (or a whole bunch of other classes they are going to force me to take). Because I actually am setting out to get into dental school, because I am smart, and because I will pay you a lot of money to let me come to your school, THESE are the reasons you should know I will stick with it and finish and do the very best you've ever seen. Not because you could force me to jump through these dumb hoops.

I don't want to spend my afternoons sitting in lecture listening to some woman I cannot understand going on and on about things I do not understand. I don't do well with accents. So fine, Maybe I have to take this class. Then could WSU (aka the root of all evil) hire professors/TAs/other people in charge of my life dream who speak the English? Without saying all the wrong words in the wrong order? I don't understand this stuff in English. Why are you forcing me to take the class without an interpreter? I did not get my decoder ring at registration! I feel like they should pass out those hearing aid things like at a UN conference. Are there really no other people you could hire to explain this stuff?

I'm not against foreigners or anything. I swear, I'm not. I'm just against paying a LOT of money in tuition and getting HOSED when it comes to class.

And really, don't get me started on the TAs. The only one I have ever had who was nice was for my genetics class last fall. She was totally understandable and nice. All the Chem TAs I have had here are Asian. Do they not teach chemistry in Asia? I mean, seriously! How is there NO ONE else to TA the dang labs? Grrrr!!!

My stats TA? Asian. The physics instructor AND TA? Indian. (dots not feathers) (that sounds really bad but I love that line... Good Will Hunting).

I am Irritated with a capital I. (did you see it?) I not kidding you, it's rampant here. The freakin' Spanish teacher is from Germany. (luckily not my class but the chem lab supervisor, she's from Germany, too!)

Anyway, I guess by the time I am done here I can get into dental school. That should make it worth it, right? If I end up not being able to get in I will be totally primed for a degree in linguistics.


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  1. Oh man, that sucks, just keep your head down and keep looking at your super secret decoder ring for the translations. Oh and don't forget to jump when the hoop comes. Otherwise you will trip and seriously you do not want to trip!!!

    Hang in, you will do great, and hey time is going to pass whether or not you are in school taking dumb classes. You might as well learn the difference between force and thrust and power and impulse. You never know when it will come in handy. I can't imagine when....but it might LOL. I am mighty impressed that you know.


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