Sunday, October 05, 2008

Reasons we're snarky:

We went to Costco yesterday. On the way back we decided to get some lunch at Arby's in Lewiston. (I totally think of Valerie every time I go there!... "warm Carl Budding on a bun")

We were just going through the drive through so we could get home and I could study. Then the kids said they had to go potty. It was POURING down rain (I think it was going down and then back up!) so we RAN in to use the bathroom. Alex went in the boys, got done, and went back out to the car where Aiden was waiting for us.

The girls and I ended up standing in the bathroom waiting for two 16 or so year old girls to finsih CHANGING THEIR CLOTHES.

I have done that. I worked at Dairy Queen for a year and changed many times before my shift. These girls were just changing from one outfit to another. And they didn't say "oh, just a second" when the girls started complaining about having to do the "pee pee dance" because these people are taking so looooong.

Finally one came out and a minute later the friend decided to end the stall hostage situation so both the girls got to go. These girls then stood in the main part of the bathroom and continued to change. Let me paint you a picture: It's an Arby's bathroom with 2 stalls. There's about 5 square feet of room that is not taken up by stalls, the sink, or the paper towel thing. And the paper towel thing is one of those "wave your hand in front" ones.

In this space there is me (a big fat mama), these two girls (average sized teenagers), and their purses which would be better described as small suitcases. These two geniuses did their hair and makeup. They kept having to bend over to get stuff from their Sherpa packs on the floor. EVERYTIME the one girl bent over, the paper towel dispenser released a length of towel. She couldn't figure out why this was happening. I'm serious.

Then the same girl put on a sweater and her up-until-this-moment smarter looking friend asks "is that new?"

"is what new?"

"that sweater. is it new? I've never met it before."

I grabbed my babies and ran.


  1. I just about wet my pants about the 'warm Carl Buddig on a bun' thing - then and now. I think that every time I go to Arby's too.

    How do you meet a sweater?

  2. oh my gosh. that is crazy!!!! "I have never met it." hahahahha that is so funny. I so want to say that to someone wearing new socks hahahaha


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