Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Before the craziness started:

Brandon got Ashley this horse. He was so excited for her to open it that we have a series of 6 pictures of her unwrapping the box, opening the box, pulling out the bag with the horse it in, and then this one. She wouldn't tell us the problem but finally uttered "I don't like pink". She does, but not like YELLOW and this came after the real colored horse she had already opened.

She got over it. This was taken after she was sent to get dressed. There was much gnarling and gnashing of teeth all along to just panties so she was left to her own devices to get dressed. 10 minutes later I stumbled into this scene. She's in nothing but panties, still. I call it her Lady Godiva stage.

Alex got a Build Your Own Light Saber kit. There's two pictures so you can see him and how cool it lights up.

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