Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Eve

The kids have been staying up later than usual for most of their Christmas Break. Yesterday Aiden took them to run some errands. During part of their trip they bought a 6 pack of IBC root beer "since it's a holiday". We did Papa Murphy's for dinner with special root beer from the bottle which was entertaining to watch as they can't figure out how to hold their mouths on the bottles and still get any root beer to come out.

They got to watch a video of PICTURE PAGES (remember that?!?) from the library, a Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Christmas (have you seen it? the villain is a pipe organ. for reals). There was some root beer floats, 3 hands of UNO Spin (thanks gramma!) and then Mom announced it was time for bed.

"Aiden said we could stay up!" "WHYYYYYY?" "But...________(fill in your own excuse here)!!"

Great, bedtime is at 7 normally (which generally means 7:30 or 7:45 by the time all's done) and it's now 8:30!!! This is staying up late. Just not midnight.

I have learned the way to avoid the fighting about it from now on (check the comments, too!) but that didn't help me last night.

They finally went to bed and actually fell asleep.

Aiden and I share our opinion of New Year's Eve: It's dumb/pointless/not worth the fuss.

Before you tell me how wrong I am consider this: the date changes every single night at midnight. We don't stay up for February first, or July first, etc. What makes the change of the year so much cooler? NUFFIN'.

How do we decide to ring in the new year? We watched an episode of Monk, then played Monopoly.

Happy New Year, especially if you care.

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