Friday, January 02, 2009

Of course!

The getting along with Brandon is coming to a close. Not because I am trying to end it, he's back together with Morgan (still, not again) and therefore doesn't "need" anything from me.

Last night he called and left a voicemail. He's got the kids on the weekend of the 16th for January. He informed me he wants them in Everett and he'd like to get them as early as possible because there's something he'd like to do with them over there.

He called back an hour later and wanted to know what my answer was to that.

Okay, first of all, you left the message an hour ago. Never mind that we were putting the kids to bed during that hour and I have not had time to think about it.

I asked what it was that he wanted to do with them in Everett. Initially he didn't want to tell me but eventually I got him to admit it was "something that happens at 7:35" that night.


A Hockey Game. But he doesn't want the kids to know. But he does want them to miss the entire day of school for a frickin' hockey game that night.

I said it's not really a good reason to pull them out of class. Know what he brought up? That I had Alex miss a day of school last year to go with us to Spokane for a doctor's appointment for Aiden. Not even a day, 3 hours. And that was because we didn't have any other option. Aiden had to go the the doctor, Alex didn't ride the bus so we knew NOTHING about how else to get him home.

I told him, again, that he's going to have to let. it. go.

He decided his answer to the 'valid reason for missing school' issue was to tell me why he's not going to have them in Spokane. Ready?

the passes are awful.

Yes, yes they are. So you'd rather drive them 4 times in 3 days than 2 times in 3 days? That makes the very most sense there is.

Meanwhile I'm totally excited to spend all this time driving through Eastern Washington on snowy roads back and forth to Ellensburg twice in 3 days. It really makes me feel like I've had a break from the kids when I spend 16 hours driving. Yeeeeeee haw!

How do I get him to just sign away his rights? I'd still let them see each other but I want to be able to put my foot down as to what's sensible and what's asinine. Even with all my own craziness I'm more level than he is!

There should be a listing in the yellow pages for judges who will help a girl out.

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